Anti-Scratch Jacket


Calmwear™ clothing’s anti-scratch jacket with built-in mittens prevents skin damage and allows skin repair. Mittens can be opened at the wrist to allow hand use, but cannot be removed by the child due to the unique jacket design! Wear it overnight, with or without ointments underneath, to allow a restful night’s sleep.


Mittens can be opened at the wrist to allow hand use
95% Cotton Lycra for all the benefits of natural cotton with a four way stretch
No inside seams to prevent irritation
Soft silk labels on the outside
No dyes used
Latex free
Can be used as a wet wrap layer or as a dry layer over wet wraps
Can be worn as a cardigan over pyjamas
Can also be used to prevent scratching in conditions such as chicken pox, for children with injuries and to stop thumb sucking
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