FAQ / Support

Up to what age can I use the Nonoo Pie Tie?

As a stretchy wrap it is ideal for the first year of life, but you can use it as long as you feel comfortable with some using it beyond a year.Generally most find they can use the wrap up to a weight of 10kg, more frequently when your baby is young and less as they get older and more mobile and tend to want to wriggle out the wrap.

Can I put my baby in an outward facing position?

No we do not recommend an outward facing position. The reason for this is that physiologically a baby’s weight is best supported when it is placed on the buttocks with the legs in a squat like position and the knees above the hips. This maintains the natural curvature of the baby’s spine as well as keeping the developing hip sockets in the correct position. If you face your baby outward, the weight of your baby will rest on the crotch and your baby’s legs will dangle down so the optimum squatted leg position for correct hip development is not maintained. We feel it would be irresponsible to market a hold that encourages this position for babywearing.

Does the Noonoo Pie Tie come in different sizes?

No it does not. The Noonoo Pie Tie is a one size fits all product. It fits most men and women. The only difference will come in how many times you wrap it around your waist – once, twice or three times.

Is my baby too small for the Noonoo Pie?

No. The Noonoo Pie is designed for infants from birth and is in fact very useful for kangaroo care with premature infants. The fabric is soft and wont exert any pressure on your newborn.

Can I put my newborn in the Cuddle Hold with the legs apart?

Yes you can. Most people like to keep their newborn’s legs together in the Newborn Hold while they are still tucked in the fetal position, but both the positions are safe for a newborn so it depends on what you and your baby prefer. Do make sure though that your baby’s head,neck and shoulders are supported.

How long can I carry my baby in the Noonoo Pie Tie?

There is no time limit. You can carry your baby safely in the carrier all day if you so wish, however all babies do need tummy and play time for wholesome development.

What is the difference between the Noonoo Pie Tie and the 100% cotton wraps?

The Noonoo Pie Tie is 95% cotton with a little added stretch. We feel this is the perfect blend so that you can enjoy all the benefits that natural cotton fibers provide as well as the added flexibility and support that the stretch factor provides. This means that the Noonoo Pie Tie provides firm support, but at the same time flexibility so you wont find yourself constantly readjusting the wrap to get it right. The woven 100% cotton wraps take a little more practice and skill as you need to estimate how much room to leave to get your baby to fit. With the Noonoo Pie Tie there is no need to leave space for your baby to fit as it will stretch to accommodate you and your baby perfectly. We feel that adding a small stretch factor really makes a big difference to the wrap, but at the end of the day it is all up to personal preference.

What is special about the Noonoo Pie Tie Fabric?

The fabric our wrap is made from is not an ordinary cotton knit or t-shirting fabric and is of high quality. It is interwoven to stretch in all directions whereas a normal cotton knit will only stretch in two directions. It also has great elasticity so when it stretches it naturally wants to bounce back which creates excellent support and flexibility. The fabric is of a slightly heavier and dense composition so that the wrap will bounce back and cling to your body and baby. The 95% cotton ensures that the fabric is breathable and natural unlike a lot of synthetic fabrics.

Where are the Noonoo Pie Ties made?

We are proud to say our wraps are made in South Africa according to fair work ethic.

Can I breastfeed my baby in the Noonoo Pie Tie?

Yes you can and you don’t have to undo the wrap. The fabric is flexible enough for you to position your baby correctly and feed discretely.

Will the Noonoo Pie Tie be too hot to wear in summer?

There will always be a little extra heat when you are wearing your baby, but you would have that extra heat even if you were carrying your baby due to energy expended. The wrap is largely cotton which is a breathable fabric suited to hot conditions.

My Noonoo Pie Tie is sinking as I walk. Am I tying it correctly?

If you don’t tie your wrap firmly enough you will find your baby dropping in position. Remember you don’t need to leave a space for your baby when you are tying the wrap because the fabric will stretch around your baby. For heavier baby’s it is a good idea to make sure the position of the “x” is higher up.

Can I use the Noonoo Pie Tie for twins?

Yes the Noonoo Pie Tie can be used to carry newborns twins (one in each pouch in the newborn hold.) They do quickly grow too big for this hold, but even then it is great to have your hands free to attend to one twin while carrying the other in the wrap.

How do I wash my Noonoo Pie Tie?

Wash your Noonoo Pie Tie in a warm wash (40 deg C .) It may be tumble dried low and iron low.