Safety Guidelines

  • Your baby’s face should never be completely covered by the fabric and ensure that your baby can breathe. Your baby’s face should be visible to you at all times. Your baby’s face should never be pressed up against your chest.
  • A baby, especially a newborn, should never be held in a way that causes his chin to curl up against his chest as possible asphyxia can occur.
  • Never carry your baby in the Noonoo Pie Tie when riding a car or any other moving vehicle, or while doing any vigorous activities such as jogging, horse riding etc.
  • Baby’s who are premature, have a low birth weight, low muscle tone or have any sort of respiratory infection, should never be held the cradle position where the baby is in a horizontal hold. They should always be in an upright hold. If your baby has any type of medical condition that could be affected by the way they are held, please consult with your physician first before using the tie.
  • Use only the positions that are appropriate to your baby’s age. For example: a newborn should only be carried in the new born hold for appropriate neck support.
  • Be mindful of your baby’s temperature, always ensuring that he is comfortable.
  • Regularly inspect your tie for signs of wear and tear which may compromise the structural integrity of the tie. Do not use if there is any damage to the fabric.
  • Provide support to your baby when bending down or leaning as your baby could fall if unsupported.
    Always ensure that the tie is secured with a double knot at the end.