IMG_4281editI guess the title picture pretty much sums up what I have to say. As much as we adore our kids let’s be honest, we all crave just that little bit of space. The truth is that there are moments that we can feel a tad suffocated by all the demands placed on us by our beloved offspring. Which leads me to this – why the heck do we try pretend that we are perfect, especially on social media ?! I for one, love hearing “momfessions” (mom confessions) because that’s when I realise that I am not alone and perhaps am not doing such a bad job after all.

So in the interest of openness and transparency, I thought perhaps you would enjoy some of mine …

As per confessional title picture – I sometimes go to the bathroom for a quick wee and I ask hubby to watch the kids, but then I just stay in there and read or check my Facebook feed because I know I won’t be harassed (or perhaps I should say that the door is locked and they can’t get In.) Poor hubby is diligently watching the brood under the impression that I have some serious stomach issues

There are some bedtime books that are just too damn long. Dr Seuss’s “Scrambled Eggs Super” happens to be one of them. I “accidentally” skip a few pages because for goodness sake, how many types of fantastical birds do we have to read about and who’s gonna notice anyway ?

I start fantasizing about bedtime at around 3pm.

I once let the baby play with the cat’s food and water bowl so I could finish my tea.

My kids don’t bath much in summer. We have a pool. It counts.

Occasionally I realise there are no more clean uniforms for school. This realization usually comes 5 minutes before I have to wake the kids up to get ready. I fish the cleanest looking ones out the wash basket, iron them and pretend like nothing has happened.

Easter eggs are not safe around me.

My 13 year old son put his own money under his 6 year old brother’s pillow because we have an utterly useless tooth fairy who kept oversleeping and was too busy ironing dirty uniforms to realise.

I once threw my kids’ box of silkworms over the garden wall because … Well do I really have to explain ?

I’ll stop now before my reputation as a mother is completely ruined, but I’d love to hear some of yours ! Momfessions Unite !

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